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May Dany’s life empower you to envision your future and embrace your purpose.

“For we live by faith, not by sight.”

2 Corinthians 5:7

Dany is a nationwide motivational speaker from Mexico, who shares his past struggles with trauma and homelessness to empower youth. He began sharing his story in 2011, when God gifted him a new life after saving him from homelessness.

In Spring of 2014, Dany envisioned his future with a different lens after his life’s story almost ended in a life changing experience. A slight loss of vision quickly led to a hospital visit and a chronic kidney failure diagnosis. In seven months, he had nineteen surgeries, 13 hospitalizations, a stroke, two seizures and was given three months to live. His life then turned dark when he had both his eyes removed. Despite his sight diminishing, his vision became greater!

As a resilient DACA recipient, Dany still had dreams to fulfill! “Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘I have a dream’, well I humbly stand before you, to tell you, that I too have a dream!”

In 2018 Dany graduated with honors from North Shore Community College with a 3.94 GPA, was the President of Delta Alpha Pi Honors society, Youth United Christian Club and was the commencement speaker for the graduation ceremony. In 2021, Dany graduated from Salem State University with a Bachelors In Social Work, a 3.91 GPA, an Alpha Phi Honors Society member, the President of InterVarsity’s SSU Chapter, and gave commencement speech for the graduation ceremony. While at SSU, Dany successfully advocated for equitable transportation to the SSU School of Social Work, snow free walking routes for students, and library building sign visible to drivers

Dany continues serving as a Motivational Speaker and an Advocate by sharing his story at the Carroll Center for the Blind, MA State House in Boston, North Shore Community College, Salem State University, Radio Torrent of Life, Radio Luz in Boston, Radio Revelacion in Guatemala among various churches and recovery programs. He also advocates and creates other content for accessibility in his YouTube Channel “Dany Acosta Official”.


In Loving Memory


Cyrus Lavers

In September 2019, after persevering through five and a half years on weekly hemodialysis and multiple surgeries, Dany was blessed with a kidney transplant from Cyrus Lavers and the Lavers family.

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