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Support My Master’s In Social Work!


How much money I need?

Advanced Standing Full Time Program Finances breakdown at SSU: $486 per credit, 44 credits

Summer - $7,290 | 15 credits  Fall - $6,318 | 13 credits  Spring - $7,776 | 16 credits Supplies, Transportation and Other Expenses: $3,616

Total: $25,000

I may be blind, but I have vision for life! A vision of finishing my MSW to further advocate for equitable career, technology and transportation opportunities for people with disabilities.

Please join and donate, every dollar you donate counts! If you cannot donate, please share this campaign with your friends and families. I promise that your help will be honored and memorable for my family and all the lives who will be impacted throughout my career.

Thank you and God bless you!


Help Dany Acosta,

Blind Masters Student! 

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I may be blind, but I have vision for life!


Thank you for being part of this vision. Every dollar you donate counts!


Thank you for your generous donation!

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