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Full Audiobook Blindly Painting Words of Love – A Poet’s Adventure

Full Audiobook Blindly Painting Words of Love – A Poet’s Adventure


Romantic Christian Poetry, Reimagined!

Aaron’s deep, resonate and clear voice is perfectly paired with Alejandra’s coy, sweet and soft voice to make each cinematic collection of colorful words come alive!

They will paint brushstrokes in the imagination of young lovebirds, married couples and meant to be cuddlers.

Through tears, laughter and memories, young lovebirds will be encouraged to guard their purity for marriage shall spread their virgin wings!


Each brushstroke also serves as a sweet remedy for those with injured wings who long to fly again.

Each poem also includes a section called “Poet’s Palette,” which provides inspiration for the listener’s imagination.

This book is dedicated to young people everywhere looking for love …and to my future wife.

* * *


Through losing my sight completely, several years of Dialysis and a kidney transplant, my passion gave me perseverance to write each poem in this collection.

With titles like "Writing With Chalk On Saturn's Rings," "Moonlit Phoenixes," and "Skipping Off Into Blue Moon Eclipses,” this collection will fit perfectly on your bookshelf.

So grab your copy today, your favorite drink and listen as you are transported into a world of love, hope and faith.

May the love, grace and mercy God has poured upon this book be for His glory forever!


Order your copy today!

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